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  • The Messenger Coolbag soft cooler is ideal for the everyday city life.


    Not only will the Messenger Coolbag keep your snacks and drinks cold but the sleek and fashionable design will keep you looking young and dynamic.

    Capacity: 20L
    Insulation: 6mm EPE closed cell foam
    Fit: 6 x 1.5L
    Features: Wide open top, cupholder, mesh side pocket, non insulated front, pocket for acessories, adjustable shoulder strap
    Insulation performance: (+/- 1°C) 8h with Freez’Pack®
    Weight: 500g
    Dimensions: (LxHxW) 44 x 34 x 19 cm


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  • The electric coolbox Powerbox® Plus 28L 12 / 230V  can be operated on both the 12V auto and the normal 230V socket. Both cables are included.


    In addition to high-quality PU insulation and antimicrobial protection , the coolers are equipped with a control dial to control the performance and efficiency of the box.


    The cooler can be easily switched off without having to pull the plug by turning the control dial to “off”.


    To reduce the fan noise , the cooler can be switched to night mode. For efficient and environmentally friendly operation, the ECO mode can be used. The maximum cooling capacity is achieved in MAX mode.


    Capacity:  28L
    Capacity bottles:  8 x 1.5 L

    • 4 modes dial for adjusting the cooling capacity
    • Strong, high-quality PU insulation
    • lockable lid, which clicks audibly when closing
    • antimicrobial interior walls against odor, fungi and mold
    • sturdy carrying handle
    • mounted in Italy


    Insulation material: PU
    Cooling capacity (+/- 1 ° C):  20 ° below ambient temperature
    Weight:  3.8kg
    Outside dimensions (W x H x D): 41 x 47 x 32 cm
    Internal dimensions (W x H x D): 33 x 35 x 24 cm



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  • Cleaning your barbecue will be much easier with this environmentally friendly biodegradable barbecue cleaner.


    Filling Quantity: 500ml


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  • Strong brass bristles, abrasive nylon pad, metal scraper…all in one.


    Strong brass bristles
    Abrasive nylon
    pad, metal scraper


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  • Wire Brush with triangle head for large clean your grills. With leather bands on the end of the handle for hanging and with plastic handle for an improved hold


    Total length: 32 cm

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 x 17 x 3 cm

    Weight (kg): 0.1

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 51 x 16 x 6 cm

    Material: Stainless


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  • Double grid without feet.


    Dimensions: 40 x 29 cm (large)


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    The two “must-haves” in your grill kitchen combined in one set: grill turner and barbecue tongs.
    Both made of stainless steel and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.


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  • Upgrade your barbecue to a cast-iron griddle! Simply put the reversible griddle on your barbecue, let it heat up, and your ready to grill on a premium cast-iron surface.


    Size: 44 x 24 cm
    Material of the grill area: cast iron
    Weight: 4kg


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    This rotisserie kit allows you to cook poultry up to 3kg.


    It consists of an electric motor and an enamelled steel pin for excellent heat resistance. It also has a wrench to prevent slippage.
    Its large size will allow you to perfectly adjust the poultry on the spit.


    Engine performance: 4W, 230-240V.


    This rotisserie kit is compatible with 3 Series and 4 Series BBQs and Master Series BBQs. It is not compatible with the Class 4 RBS® barbecue and the 4 Series RBS® barbecue.



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  • The new Xpert range has been designed with an innovative and young design and offers an excellent quality / price ratio. BBQ Campingaz® Xpert are available in two different sizes, each with the option of the side cooker, all equipped with a lava rock cooking system, for those who love tradition who do not want to give up the passion for BBQ. BBQ Campingaz® Xpert are equipped with lid / oven, for grilling by direct and indirect cooking.

    The Xpert range is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to the transport wheels and very robust, being equipped with a steel plane / reinforcement at the base of the trolley. Folding side shelves to optimize the overall dimensions complete the features of this range that combines style and practicality.

    Cooking surface: 1530 cm2
    Cooking surface dimensions (cm): 44.5 x 34.5 cm
    Burners: in steel
    Number of Burners: 2
    Power: 7.1 kw + 2.1 kw
    Gas consumption:  515 g / h + 153 g / h
    Type of cooking surface: Chromed steel
    Cooking surface configuration: Grid
    Cooking height: 85 cm
    Ignition: Piezo
    Thermometer: Yes
    Side shelves: 1
    Folding side shelves: 1
    Side cooker: Yes
    Cover Material: Painted Steel
    Trolley Material: Painted Steel
    Cart configuration: fabric panel
    Wheels: 2 wheels
    Cylinder support: YES
    Weight: 17.2 kg
    Dimensions in cm (open): 98 x 48 x 124 cm
    Dimensions in cm (closed): 98 x 48 x 99 cm

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  • Proving that good things come in small packages, the 2 Series Compact LX is the perfect outdoor cooking companion when space is limited. Its handy, fold-flat design means it can be stored vertically in the smallest of spaces, yet once folded out it easily caters for the whole family.


    The two independently adjustable burners and superior enamelled cast iron cooking surface ensure that food is cooked perfectly, every time. Retractable tables slide out offering a convenient place to store utensils or condiments and handy Piezo ignition means lighting is effortless.


    The handy wheeled trolley offers easy portability and an integrated cup collects grease for quick and easy cleaning.


    Cooking surface: 2,100 cm²
    Burner: Aluminium Steel
    Number of Burners: 2
    Power: 5.85kW
    Gaz consumption: 440g/h
    Cooking Surface Material: Mat Enameled Cast Iron
    Cooking surface configuration: Grid
    Warming Rack: No
    Cooking height: 86cm
    Ignition: Piezo
    Thermometer: Yes
    Side tables: 2
    Slid-able side table: 1
    Foldable trolley: Yes
    Weight: 24kg
    Dimensions(LxDxH): 114 x 578 x 957cm
    Dimensions folded (L x D x H): 353 x 578 x 102cm
    Fuel type: Gas


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  • The 3 Series Classic LS D is ideal for preparing delicious party meals. It is equipped with strong and durable stainless steel burners for consistent performance every time you use it.


    Each of the three burners of the barbecue can be set separately, making it easy to prepare a selection of meat, fish and vegetables at the same time. The option for a rotisserie is ideal for preparing roasted chicken and for even more versatile cooking.


    A folding side table and hooks for cooking utensils are ideal for spices and accessories, while the extra side burner is perfect for preparing delicious sauces or side dishes that make an unforgettable meal.

    Dimensions of cooking surface: 2800 cm²
    Dimensions of cooking surface (cm): 61 x 45
    Material cooking surface: Enamelled crushed steel
    Classification cooking surface: Griddle / grill plate
    Burner: Stainless steel
    Number of burners: 3
    Burner technology : stainless steel pipe burner
    Option Rotisserie: Yes
    Power: 9.6 kW
    Gas consumption: 698 + 167 g / h
    Heating rack: Yes, confirmed
    Ignition: Piezo
    Thermometer: Yes
    Side table (s): Yes
    Folding side table (s): 1
    Side burner: Yes
    Material lid: Lacquered steel with aluminum sides
    Material frame: Steel
    Front of chassis: 2 doors
    Wheel type: 4 swivel wheels
    Weight: 50 KG
    Dimensions (length x depth x height): 120 x 63.8 x 115.6


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