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  • With its sturdy plastic carry case, this stove can be easily and safely transported and stored, while its integrated piezo ignition system is simple to use and extremely reliable. Featuring an easy clean fixed enamelled pan support for additional stability. It also features a cartridge safety locking system for correct and safe cartridge insertion every time.


    Enamelled pan support
    Cartridge safety locking system
    Carry case included
    Piezo ignition
    Pan Size allowed: min. 12cm / max. 26cm
    Power: 2,200W
    Gas consumption: 160 g/h
    Operates off: Campingaz® CP 250 cartridges
    Runtime: up to 1hr 15min
    Boil time: 5min 30sec
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 33 x 28 x 9 cm
    Weight: 1.43kg


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  • Grill plate for Camp’Bistro stove.


    Material: Steel with non-stick coating
    Grease collection tray: Yes
    Size (cm): 31.8 x 31.8 x 3.2
    Weight: 730 g


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  • Pure efficiency with pure focus on cooking performance and stability. Two independent burners with individual limitless adjustment. The optimal entry to the 2 burner stove world of Campingaz®.


    • Convenient lid for easy and clean storage
    • Dimensions: 430 x 240 x 80 mm
    • Weight: 1.9 kg


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  • The Party Grill® 400 is the perfect travel companion with endless possibilities! The compact, portable Party Grill® 400 offers several options; cooking, grilling, baking, plancha and even a wok when you flip the lid.


    All components of the Party Grill® fit into the device.


    Thanks to the removable legs and the cover that you can click this cooker is easily transportable and fixed storage. The Party Grill® 400 works on refillable cylinders Campingaz. The piezo ignition makes you anywhere easily light your stove.


    Power: 2,000 W
    Gas consumption: 145 g / h
    Boiling time: 6.5 min for 1 liter of water
    Instastart ™ System: Piezo electronic ignition
    3 removable feet: Yes
    Autonomy: 19.30 and 12.30 with with R907 R904
    Weight: 4.92 Kg
    Cooking surface: 29 Cm


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  • The essential camping companion with endless cooking options! This compact, portable stove offers the widest range of cooking options; stove top, grill, griddle, plancha and the lid of the 400 model even doubles as a wok.


    All elements of the Party Grill® can fit inside the device. Thanks to its detachable legs and lockable lid it is easy to transport and store. The Party Grill® 200 runs on a Campingaz® CV Plus valve cartridge which can be disconnected and reconnected whilst cooking, should you run out of gas. The Party Grill® 600, 400 and R models run on conveniently sized Campingaz® cylinders. The piezo ignition on all models promises simple, match-free lighting wherever you are, so you can get the party started.


    • Grill, griddle and stove cooking options
    • Grill and griddle with non-stick coating for better cooking results
    • Integrated pan supports for stove top cooking
    • Fully adjustable power
    • Water compartment to collect fat
    • Piezo ignition for convenient lighting
    • Non-stick cooking surface
    • Water compartment to collect the grease and fat ensuring easy cleaning
    • Fully adjustable power
    • Folds into compact size for easy transportation
    • Integrated EasyClic® Plus system for easy connection and disconnection of cartridge


    Power: 2000w
    Gas Consumption: 145 g/h
    Boil Time: 4min 18 sec
    Ignition: Piezo
    Runtime: 3hrs on CV470+ / 2 hours 30 mins on CV300+
    Fuel source: CV470+, CV300+
    Weight: 2.84 kg
    Cooking Surface: 29 Cm


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  • The advantageous 200S cooker having two burners is simple and ideal for the novice camper. With two powerful burners and large, stable pan supports transform your meal on the table in no time.Each burner is individually adjustable and thus provides the desired cooking temperature. With its integrated windshields the 200S is even more useful if there is some wind. After the trip you take him trouble again thanks to the handy lockable lid.

    Power: 2 x 2,100W
    Gas consumption: 2 x 155 g / h
    Outdoor Boil time  (at 3 m / s wind speed): 1L in 20mins
    Member: Painted Steel
    Ignition: Match
    Weight: 5.7kg
    Dimensions: 52 x 36 x 12 cm
    Runs off: R904, R907, Butane / Propane cylinder
    Runtime: 10: 00h (R907) 16: 30h (5kg cylinder)

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  • Campingaz BBQ Cover XXL Classic: Resistant to sun, rain and wind. Built in PEVA, PVC-FREE ultra durable, high quality that will allow your BBQ last. Material: Black Polyester from 200D, snare with a locking system for fixing the BBQ


    Dimensions: 102 x 153 x 63 cm


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  • Campingaz BBQ Cover Classic XL: Resistant to sun, rain and wind. Built in PEVA, PVC-FREE ultra durable, high quality that will allow your BBQ last. Material: Black Polyester from 200D, snare with a locking system for fixing the BBQ


    Dimensions: 105 x 136 x 62 cm


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  • Cover L Campingaz BBQ Classic, Black: Resistant to sun, rain and wind. Built in PEVA, PVC-FREE ultra durable, high quality that will allow your BBQ last. Material: Black Polyester from 200D, snare with a locking system for fixing the BBQ


    Dimensions: H 105 x L 122 x D 61 cm


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  • The Master 3 Series Classic gaz delivers exceptional performance and grill perfect cooking results. These stylish barbecue combines unique features, including the innovative Even Temp technology for uniform heat distribution across the entire cooking surface and the Culinary versatile modular system that allows you to prepare various dishes such as paella and pizza. The electronic ignition InstaStart ensuring effortless to light, and is incorporated in the illuminated controls.
    Thanks to three very powerful stainless steel burners, combined with the new double-walled stainless steel lid, you can have your heart’s content grilling all year. You can rest assured that you have the ultimate barbecue performance within reach.


    Use the side burner to prepare side dishes, so you can voorschotelen a full meal with ease.
    The grid and enamelled cast iron griddle provide extra cooking convenience and great results. This is the best material for cooking; the cast iron guides the heat-intensive and more evenly than other materials, while the enamel coating provides for easy cleaning.
    The improved InstaClean® system , with a new finish, removable grill protects components so they can be easily cleaned after use in the dishwasher.
    The stainless steel frame of the Master 3 Series Classic features strong side tables and space for the cylinder to store it.

    Cooking Surface (cm²):  2800 cm²
    Dimensions cooking surface (cm):  67.5 x 45
    Burner:  Stainless steel tubes AISI 304
    Number of burners:  3
    Power:  9.6 kW + 2.8 kW
    Gas Consumption:  686 g / h + 200 g / h
    Campingaz InstaClean® system:  Yes and improved
    Material cooking surface:  Enameled cast iron
    Lay cooking surface:  Modular grill / griddle
    Suitable for Culinary Modular barbecue accessories:  Yes
    Warming rack:  (2) 15 x 27,2cm
    Spit Option:  Yes
    Illuminated buttons:  Yes
    Working height during cooking:  95.6 cm
    Ignition:  InstaStart®
    Thermometer:  Yes
    Side table (s):  2
    Folding side table (s):  –
    Side burner:  1
    Material lid:  Stainless steel
    Material frame:  Steel
    Lay-base:  2 doors, sides / closed rear
    Wheels:  4 swivel castors
    Bottle holder:  Yes
    Weight:  65.5 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm (open):  144 x 69 x 151 cm
    Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm (closed):  144 x 63 x 120 cm


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  • The range Campingaz® Master Series is equipped with unique features such as the Even Temp® Technology, the Culinary Modular System and InstaStart® ignition. The new InstaClean® System equipped with innovative nonstick coating protects the inner surfaces for a cleaning without any effort.


    Complete this exclusive range of BBQ the new Campingaz® Searing Boost Station (SBS) , to sear steaks just like in your favorite steakhouse.


    All burners Master Series range are in stainless steel , designed to ensure optimal performance. The new stainless steel double wall lid improves cooking performance, especially in the case of wind and during the winter grilling.


    The side shelves of BBQ Master Series are ultra robust, can support a greater than 50 kg, without showing any sign of overheating. The BBQ Campingaz® Master Series can be easily operated on any terrain.


    Campingaz Instaclean® System BBQ Master Series The BBQ Master Series are constructed with new materials to reduce the adherence of grease and carbonized particles to the internal surfaces. You will simply brush them away before you wash everything in the dishwasher.


    Instastart® igniter for gas barbecue This special type of ignition was made specifically for our barbecue. Simply press and turn the knob to turn the burners comfortably.



    Cooking surface: 3500 cm2

    Cooking surface dimensions (cm): 78 x 45

    Burners: tubular stainless steel AISI 304

    Number of burners: 5

    Power: 16.7 kw 2.8 kw

    Gas Consumption:  1194 g / h + 200 g / h

    Campingaz InstaClean® System:  Yes, Advanced

    Cooking superifcie Type: cast iron enameled

    Cooking surface configuration: Grid Culinary Modular / Plate

    Articulated Grid: 2 grids 15 x 35.5 cm

    Optional rotisserie: Yes

    Cooking Height: 95.6 cm

    Ignition: InstaStart

    Side shelves: 2

    Foldable side shelves: –

    Side Cooker: 1

    Cover Material: Stainless Steel

    Cart Material: Steel

    Configuration Shopping: 2 doors, closed at the sides and rear

    Wheels: 4, reinforced

    Tank Support: Yes

    Weight: 78.3 kg

    Dimensions in cm (open): 160 x 69 x 151 cm

    Dimensions in cm (closed): 160 x 63 x 120 cm


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  • Campingaz Cooking Support for Roast / ribs


    It holds the portions of meat safely
    Chicken, ribs and roasts can be cooked without the use of the plate
    It lets take the meat a perfect flavor as “oven-roasted”
    It reduces the risk of charring the meat on the grill


    • Object Size: 12 x 19 x 29 cm


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